This day in the life of your pastor; September 13th, 2009

  1. Praying for all the students for school and college tomorrow, praying God gives you the most awesome week ever and tell people about HIMabout 9 hours ago from web
  2. OK Keith M laid out of church tonight, he better have a good excuse or there will be no forgiveness! lolabout 9 hours ago from web
  3. I am running on 4 hrs sleep so I am going 2 get some rest. I am thankful 4 so many things. God is awesome, Carroll Youth U R Awesome alsoabout 9 hours ago from web
  4. chatting with Bill about church stuff and several youth about life, God is awesomeabout 9 hours ago from web
  5. here is the deal, come to Sunday Night Live and I will preach relevant sermons to your life in 2009, if not i won’t bother you to come backabout 9 hours ago from web
  6. God is awesome and I don’t always follow Him as I should but I always want to.about 10 hours ago from web
  7. SNL starts at 630 @ 1st Hillsville, be thereabout 14 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  8. Going for a walk with the kidsabout 16 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  9. Spaghetti lunch and Souledout is playingabout 19 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  10. Picking up a biscuit for my lovely wife and then churchabout 22 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  11. @ Out of the Boxabout 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  12. Headed to the 830 service @ 1st Hillsville with Kyleabout 24 hours ago from TwitterBerry

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