innovatechurch: Getting ready to read this one

I picked this book up several weeks ago to use some quotes from it and now I am going to give it a read. I will post a review in the next few days but here is a little bit about the book.


InnovateChurch --image

Based on a new ministry conference and Web initiative of the same name, innovatechurch gathers expert advice from a who’s-who of next generation church leaders keenly determined to uphold never-changing truth in an ever-changing world.These eight esteemed contributors write two chapters each about their field of expertise and passion, providing readers with fresh methods for growing and leading the church without compromise. They include Jonathan Falwell (Leadership), Charles Billingsley (Worship), Daniel Henderson (Prayer), Rod Dempsey (Discipleship), Mat Staver (Culture), Dave Earley (Church Planting), David Wheeler (Outreach), and Ergun Caner (Apologetics).

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