Book Review: They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky

They poured fire on us from the sky

Wow, what a great read!

THEY POURED FIRE ON US FROM THE SKY is the telling of  the civil war in Southern Sudan as it is seen and told by three little boys, Benson, Benjamin and Alepho. These three boys along with thousands and thousands of others suddenly became homeless orphans and were forced to trek across Sudan to Kenya and Ethiopia without food or water. Many times going to and from the same places, running from the battles that raged for no seeming reason, at least in the eyes of such young children.

Just 4,5, and 7 year old children with no father to frighten away the wild animals or a mother to cook  food and care for their health needs, these little boys had to survive.

They had so many elements to deal with. High heat and then cold at night, no water, no food, wild animals, biting snakes, lice, mosquitoes and insects. Not only that but they found that when people are in such situations they can be mean to each other in trying to protect what little they have rather than sharing with and looking after each other.

Many times what  food, clothing and blankets they had were taken or stolen from them or they were beaten and driven away.

Many thousands of them died but many have survived and are still in need of our help.

This book is I have not wanted to put down, many times the stories made my skin crawl and many times I wanted to weep.  This is a real eye opening book and one that I wish everyone would pick up and read. We must get to the point in this world where we live our lives for the benefit of others and not ourselves. In America alone we have the resources and the number of Christians to change this entire World and Impact this world for Jesus Christ. Please, lets act on the power that we have.


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