This day in the life of your pastor; October 19th, 2009

  1. Blessed and happy are two totally different words and ways of life. Blessed is of God, happy depends on our circumstances.about 8 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  2. Ran 2 miles tonight. Not a problem but my right knee is giving a bit of a problem. Definitely sticking with my Trusty Brooks from now on.about 10 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  3. I am going to practice wearing my glasses this week. It is becoming painfully obvious that I need them.about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  4. The Gk word used 4 blessedness or happiness is (makarious) used N Classical Greek by poets & philosophers 4 “the attainment of lifes ideal”about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  5. Happiness depends on the things that happen to us. Blessedness is deeper, it is a matter of character, it can (transmute) what happens.about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  6. Who is the happy person? Who understands the secret of true living? What kind of life is most worth living? Jesus gave us The Beatitudesabout 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  7. Reading the Beatitudes by Hugh Martin, published in 1953 its a gift from the Harrisons & comes from the Methodist Museum, Epworth by the Seaabout 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  8. Out of the Box meets for Bible Study @ 7pm every Wednesdayabout 14 hours ago from web
  9. remembering Ona Smith, today is her birthday! We miss you Onaabout 14 hours ago from web
  10. SNL for NOV: 1st Ronnie, 8th Sharon Bowers, 15th Josh Kilbourne, 22nd Community Thanksgiving Service @ Hillsville Christian, 29th Ronnieabout 14 hours ago from web
  11. Hillsville Diner 4 lunch, join me!about 17 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  12. I have spent the first 4 hours of this day in pastoral counseling. I am going to find some quiet place to pray!about 17 hours ago from web
  13. a lot of OOTB Youth are posting Atlanta Pictures. They must want to go back!about 18 hours ago from web
  14. This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad and positive!about 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry

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