This day in the life of your pastor – November 1st, 2009

  1. Blow the ram’s horn in Jerusalem!  Announce a time of fasting;call the people together  for a solemn meeting. 8 hours ago from API
  2. That is why the Lord says,  “Turn to me now, while there is time.Give me your hearts.  Come with fasting, weepi… 8 hours ago from API

  3. Funny how much control the stomach has over us or rather sadabout 8 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  4. Fast has begun, dining with Godabout 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  5. my Fast starts @ 7pm, 116 people have signed on & I am excited 2 C what God does with our commitment & prayer. Let me know what U C hapeningabout 14 hours ago from web

  6. out of the meeting, heading home, dinner with the wife, kids, mom & dad, Can’t waitabout 14 hours ago from web

  7. In staff meetingabout 15 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  8. just signed up for the New York City Marathon November 7th, 2010about 17 hours ago from web

  9. lunch with 2 seminary buddies from Holston Conference @ Shoney’sabout 20 hours ago from web

  10. 102 people are not joining to Fast and Pray for Carroll County Revival and Salvation of the lost! Awesome, God is at work!about 20 hours ago from web

  11. Rev. Sharon Bowers 21 hours ago from web

  12. working in the office this morning, catching up on e-mail and so many other thingsabout 21 hours ago from web

  13. New York City Marathon 2010 21 hours ago from web

  14. Joy Johnson is 82 years old and has run 22 New York City Marathons, you are awesome Joy! Wowabout 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  15. what is Fasting? 23 hours ago from web

  16. today starting at sundown is the 1st day of Fasting and Praying for Revvial in Carroll County, can’t wait to see what God doesabout 23 hours ago from web

  17. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” — Psalm 91:24:15 AM Nov 2nd from TwitterBerry

  18. Countdown to the Marathon 24 days4:14 AM Nov 2nd from TwitterBerry

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