Book Review: The Sacred Meal

What I like to find when I read a book is encouragement, challenge, strong words to the unrepentant, soothing words to the ones striving to live for God, that is what I like to find in a book. However what I love to find is thought provoking, intriguing, challenging words. This is exactly what I found in, “The Sacred Meal” by Nora Gallagher.

Nora is not a Minister by profession but certainly a minister of God, (One in which you do not see the collar). You will have to read the book for that nugget.

Nora does not claim to be a theologian but rather a person who has and is touched by the Eucharist, Communion, The Lords Table, or one of many other traditional phrases used to describe this gift that God has given us.

I found in this little book many places that made me stop and pay attention. Words that I consider nuggets of gold that I will mine and use in future sermons, especially sermons concerning Communion, God’s gift to us, His Body.

Nora and I are not on the same page at all times when it comes to theological issues but we can agree to disagree and I will sit at her feet and learn.  Here are a few brief quotes from the book that struck me.

“Many people go to church on Sunday like going 2 a play or concert. Never acting on what we see & hear. Gradually what you learn simply fades”

“Prophecy is not about foretelling the future, but its about describing the present with exceptional truthfulness & accuracy” George Orwell

“Eucharist in Greek can be translated “thanksgiving” Holy Communion is a way of saying thanks”.

“For many of us, rituals can become not avenues to a deeper understanding of reality or a deepening of faith, but instead a form of magic”

“Holy Communion was a web, a web of people being stitched together. And tomorrow, we would need to be stitched together again.”

“It is often harder to do good than it is to do evil”

I highly recommend this book to everyone that would like to grow deeper in your faith, especially as it relates to your understanding of Holy Communion.


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