“The Economy of Scarcity”

The following passage is from the book “The Sacred Meal” by Nora Gallagher

We live in what is thought to be abundance, with lots of stuff to buy. But somehow, it is never enough. In the late eightees, I asked the owner of a successful business, who must have made at least half a million dollars a year, if he had enough money, and he replied “dont you understand? There is never enough.”

The “never enough” reaches into every aspect of our lives. We don’t have enough money, solitude or peace. The emotional consequences are subtle and pervasive; we’ve got fantasy and illusion and anxiety. Believe me, I know them all. So I call the economy we live in “the economy of scarcity.”

Here’s the irony; the economy of scarcity appears to be abundant, while abundance is marked by an appearance of scarcity. the scarce economy looks rich and full, but within it peoples souls and bodies starve. The economy of abundance, on the other hand, is organized to provide just enough. Like the manna in the desert that could not be stored but was only enough to get through the day, so the economy of abundance releases no more than enough nourishment.

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