What are you doing for your Spiritual growth in 2010

Here is what I am doing for intentional growth in the 1st Quarter of 2010

I am reading the New Testament through in 90 days. If you would like to join me, I am blogging the daily reading. No need to go any further than this page to read the required chapters each day.

In the morning and evening I am reading from the devotional “Inner State 80” by Joel Hunter. This is an outstanding tool for spiritual growth given to me by Bob and Beverly Towles. I highly recommend this tool.

Throughout the day I am reading “The Wesleyan Spiritual Reader” this was given to me by a great friend, Chuck Starks. Chuck was my DS in the UMC for several years and the one who guided me as I started the process into the UM Ministry.

Along with these tools, I am praying constantly. When I run I pray, when I drive I pray, when I work I pray. I stay in an attitude of prayer and I often say a silent prayer for those who cross my path and yet we never speak.

I am constantly reading books regarding the spiritual life. At the moment I must have near 10 books going at once and I really do not like to do this. I usually like to read one and finish it before starting another one. However, I typically will read in the areas that I am helping others with. I am currently reading books on the subjects of pain and suffering, spirituality and running, marriage and relationships, addictions, Gods Grace, evangelism, and Blackberrys

God is the most important pursuit of my life and most everything that I do is in relationship to my relationship with Him.


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