My Blogging Story

Some where around January 2008 a couple in the church where I pastor approached me and asked if I would consider blogging on the church website and I said, no. I had no desire and really didn’t even understand what a blog was or how it worked, and on top of all that I was busy.

Just a couple of weeks later I was in a bookstore when I ran across the book, “The Blogging Church”. This book was the start to my blogging future.

It took me about two days to read the book cover to cover and start the blog. I was hooked, convinced that there was not only a future in blogging in ministry but a need. In today’s world, people communicate and learn differently than they every have before. Blogging is one of the ways people communicate and learn.

A blog is yours and it can serve any purpose you want it to serve. A bulletin board for your church, a personal journal, a bible study tool, you name it because it is yours.

My blog represents who I am. You will find many of my passions on my blog. I love God, so you will find many posts pertaining to the bible and bible study. I started several months ago to blog as I prepare bible studies and sermons. I love to run, you will find information on my blog about my training as well as the races in which I get to run. I love my family so you will see lots of pictures of my family. I love to read so you will see book reviews on my blog. I love the Out of the Box Youth Ministry so you will find lots of information here about that ministry. I love adoption and you will find information here on the subject of adoption. I love the church and the United Methodist Church and you will find that information here. You will see my passions as you read my blog.

My blog will hopefully be something that my children will look at for years to come and know what their daddy loves and they will find God here. My blog may someday turn into the makings of a book. The possibilities are unlimited but for the most part I blog because you read. In the past 12 months this blog was visited 30,000 times and that is how I know that you read.

Thank you and I hope that you will consider starting your own blog.


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