Our Oldest Son, Michael

I tell people all the time that you love all your kids but you love them and have relationships with them in different ways. Of course I love them all with all of my heart, just as you do. However, each child is unique and brings different gifts to the family. Michael is our oldest son, 24 years old. Michael has one of the best attitudes of anyone that I have ever known. He is happy and he loves life and that shows in the way that he treats people. It also shows in the way that he treats me. Michael has never been dis-respectful to me, he has done things I didn’t like but he has never been dis-respectful. He is just an all around awesome son and I love him with all of my heart and soul. I snapped this picture today as he was messing around in my office after church.

I hope that everyone can share with their children the way that Michael and I do. There is no question in my mind that Michael loves me because he not only tells me so, he shows it in the respect he has for me. Michael will also tell you that he never has to wonder if he is loved by me, there is no doubt in his mind.

I love you Mike


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