Preparing for a 40 Day Fast

I had a visit with my family physician today for the purpose of gaining his perspective on embarking on a 40 Day Fast. I walked away with a clean bill of health and the go ahead to Fast.

You will be hearing more about it but here are the prescriptions that I walked away with. I have already filled the orders on


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Fasting and prayer has been a spiritual practice since ancient times to cleanse and purify believers. Now, Dave Williams, pastor of the 5,000 member Mount Hope Church in Lansing, Michigan, sheds new light on this honored and powerful practice. Readers will learn the amazing benefits of fasting and prayer including breakthrough answers, sharper mental ability, and stronger, healthier bodies. Pastor Williams share his own personal insight and experiences on why to fast, how to fast, and pitfalls to avoid.

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What if you could do something that would bring amazing advancement to your life? Something that would:
Give you divine revelations from God
Bring you answers to prayer quickly
Deliver you from bad habits
Give you longer life
Give you increased energy levels
Help you lose weight
Break demonic strongholds

… and it won’t cost you anything. Would you do it? –This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

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Find out how prayer–our link to God–is the most powerful and vital activity of our life. This book will lead you into a life-changing dimension of two-way communication with a loving God.

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If you wish to know your Lord in a deeper way, you are invited to join the vast host of Christians who, over three centuries, have turned to this book more than any other–except the Scriptures–in order to begin that journey to the depths of Christ.

Imagine a book that is 300 years old and has never been out of print! Such is the book you hold in your hands. Other than Pilgrim’s Progress, there is probably no other piece of Christian literature that has stood the test of the centuries so well. An estimated 22 million copies of the original The Practice of the Presence of God have been printed in the English language alone. In recent years, however, interest in this book has waned as the original English edition became so outdated that it was virtually unreadable. The publishers have now revised and reissued this book under the title Practicing His Presence and the profundity, depth, and beauty of Brother Lawrence’s masterpiece lives again!

We have included in this edition, not only the letters of Brother Lawrence–from the 17th century–but also those of Frank Laubauch–from the 20th century–who, like Brother Lawrence before him, wrote a series of letters chronicling his experiences in practicing the presence of Jesus Christ.

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