Book Review: Multi Site Churches

If you are considering going Multi Site, if your church as already gone Multi Site, or if you are just curious, this is a great resource. I have read several works now on the topic and this is the best one to date. I wish we had looked at this before going Multi Site where I serve now, however I’m not sure that I would have gotten it. Sometimes you have to see things in theĀ midstĀ of experiencing them in order to get it.

Some of the topics included are, Why Multi Site, Things that need to happen for a plan to come together, knowing who you are as a church and what is important, finding the right leader, developing a team, where to launch a new site, communicating effectively between sites and to the site considering this new venture, staff needs at both or all sites, leadership development, and keeping the sites connected.

I am working on a paper to discuss with the leadership of our church and as that is developed I will add to this blog.

Again, I recommend this resource.




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