iPad 2, I finally have one

I have been patient and finally purchased an iPad 2. I wanted one when the first ones came out but I have learned to be patient and not buy on first impulse. I am glad that I waited. I knew right off that I liked the iPad but then became frustrated with it when I went to St. Simons Island Ga. The internet service there was not good at all and even worse on the ipad than the laptop.

However, with time I have started to see the plethora of benefits that far outweigh the negatives.

The following are ways the iPad has begun to benefit me in my life and ministry.

Kindle Reader with the screen back-lit – it is great for reading at night, early morning, in low light without turning on the lights.

WordPress – I am now able to take great pictures and put them directly into blog posts – major time saver.

Bible – Youversion app – I am able to download various versions of the Bible for use when there is no internet connection.

USA Today – I have been paying $11.99 per month for this news paper on Kindle – on iPad it is FREE

Battery Life – 10 hours

Bible Study – I have access to my Logos Bible Study Software

Money savings – many of the things I printed before will not be printed now. There will be a huge savings in ink cartridges alone.

These are just a few of the benefits, I continue to find more every day. The ipad, like the Kindle is one of those tools that will pay for itself in just a short time. Take the plunge.


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