Human Gods

I was inspired by my running partner this morning. We always talk and run, this morning he mentioned he was glad we don’t serve a human God,  and it intrigued me. The Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit. I realized something new about the eternal question of why are bad people allowed to be bad.

What would happen if we served a human God?

We would be disciplined by an emotional being. Can you imagine God disciplining you based on the way He feels at the moment?

As a parent, so many times when my kids are misbehaving I respond based on what kind of day I have had. If people have gotten on my nerves that day, someone cut me off in traffic, someone said something really wrong about me, I have a headache…Are you getting the picture?

God disciplines us based on His perfect knowledge and His perfect understanding of humanity. This means that we are all on level ground. The one who is bad and knows they are bad and the one who is bad and thinks they are good. We are all treated the same. God is not going to treat you better because you go to church than he does the one who never graces the doors of a church building, God is the perfect parent.

No doubt, God must see the good in every person and at the least He sees the fact that we are all created in His image and there is hope for everyone. Just as we would never give up on one of our children, God never gives up on one of His.


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