Book Review – Radical Together by David Platt

Radical Together by David Platt is one of many books out today that is calling the Church back to where God wants us to be. I read this and others like Francis Chan and I hear echos of John Wesley and The Holy Club who wanted to reform the Church of England. They saw what was a dead Christianity, no power in the church and no holiness. Are we ever there today!

I believe that we are in a time and generation where people are tired of putting money into bricks and mortar, matter of fact this generation isn’t going to participate in it. There is a generation of people who want to get their hands dirty and spend their money on people and not on “THINGS” to make us more comfortable inside the walls of a church building. As a matter of fact there is each day a greater need for preachers who are willing to pastor older established churches because we are not willing to fight the status quo in order to do the work God has called us to do.

I will admit, I received a copy of David’s book “Radical” and I read a chapter and put it down, I just felt like I had already read most of it in Francis Chan’s book “Crazy Love” which is also an outstanding book, life changing actually. I read Radical Together because one of my youth members gave it to me as a birthday gift and I am so glad that I did.

Thank you Joye for the gift, it turned out to be much more of a gift that you probably ever imagined. It is my plan to soon as the congregations that I pastor to read this book together and pray about where God would have us go into the future. By the way, I know the future is about sharing the gospel with the world.

Read it, devour it, then read it together with your church and ask God to show you His plan for you.


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