Thoughts on Worship Today – November 13th, 2011

I can only say it was awesome. On the way to preach this morning I was listening to a message by Jud Wilhite and he was talking about the fact that preachers are not called to have fantastic ministries, we are called to have a faithful heart toward God. We are to focus on knowing Him and getting close to Him. Then God will take care of the ministry, it’s not about having a big crowd, they may come but if they do, it’s God and not me that is the cause of that.

The day just felt good, from the greeting of the ones who come and work each week to make sure the services are welcoming, to the children’s workers, the Praise team warming up, and just the smell of grace in the air.

The music is always good but this morning it was GREAT! The Spirit of God was amazing.

The sermon felt good, there was a great response.

All of my family was there, mom, dad, Misty, all three of the boys and my grandkids.

It was FUN! I am Blessed and We are a Blessed Church.

Pastor Ronnie

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