Christmas Outside The Box: A New Series Starting November 27th @ Out of the Box Worship Center

I don’t know about you but Misty and I want to do Christmas different this year. I know also there are a lot of people at Out of the Box Worship Center who desire to do the same thing. I am tired of the commercialism of Christmas. Christmas is the time when we celebrate Jesus Birthday and not ours.

November 27th:  “Forever Now” based on Mark 13:32-37

December 4th: “Comfort In The Wilderness” Isaiah 40:1-6a

December 11th: “Live Outside The Box” Isaiah 61: 1-4

December 18th: “Living In a Palace While The King Lives In A Tent” 2 Samuel 7: 1-3

December 24th: Christmas Eve Celebration @ 11pm

December 25th: “Christ Outside The Box”

In this series, I am going to challenge all of us to Celebrate Christmas in a New Way, Outside the Box. But we won’t stop there, I am going to challenge us to Live Life Outside The Box.”

I hope you will join us for this series as we worship the One who taught us to Live Outside The Box.

Pastor Ronnie

What will you take out of the box this Christmas?

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