Countdown to 40 Days Without Food

22 days and counting until I begin my 2nd 40 day fast and I’m getting pretty excited. I did the first one in February and March of 2010 and when I finished that I said I would never attempt another one unless I felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit. Well I started feeling that nudge about June of this year and I feel in my spirit January 1st is the time that I am called to start.

My intention is to go without food for 40 days. You may ask, what do you intend to do during that time?

Pray a lot.

Read a lot.

Study a lot.

Just be quiet a lot.

In my first 40 day fast I found myself cooking for my family quite a bit. No, I wasn’t temped to eat it that much, in some way it seemed to meet a need. The things that I miss the most are running every day and sharing meals with my family. I still go out to meals with my family, I have water and fellowship and believe it or not, it’s not that had to not eat after a few days.

Fasting is about many things and the main one is “humility”, humbling ourselves before our Lord. Saying to Him and to ourselves that man does not live by bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.

2 years ago people were afraid that I was going to die during the fast. I heard things like, “its hard on your heart,” “you may pass out while you’re driving,” “your heart may just stop beating.” There were some who were disappointed that I didn’t die…just kidding, sort of…

Rest assured that I went to my family doctor before attempting the first 40 day fast and he affirmed that it was not only OK to attempt the fast, he affirmed that it could also be a very healthy event in my life.

Fasting is affirmed in the bible as well as in the medical field. A lot of research has been done and is available on the benefits of fasting.

I have said many times that fasting is not magical, God is not a magician but it does seem magical. God does honor the commitment to fast and very few people even know the concept or I should say “Spiritual Discipline” is even in the bible. I believe there is evidence in the Bible that shows it should be a part of every Christian’s life. I am amazed at all of the various excuses I hear when people run through all of the reasons why they shouldn’t attempt even a one day fast.

Now, if after all of this you are interested, stay tuned. I am posting along tips about fasting, I will post some good book titles you may want to read, and of course when I start on January 1st I will do a daily blog to let people know how things are going and what I believe God is revealing to me during that time. I witnessed some amazing miracles during my first 40 day fast and I can only imagine what God will do in 2012.

The thing I will miss most is running every day. Running is where I talk to God, it is where I get ideas for sermons, it is where I just clear my mind and work off stress. I will miss it but God will take care of all that.

I really am getting excited, let me know if you want to join me in some way on the 40 days. I want to be able to pray for you especially during this time as well as encourage you. You may choose to fast in a different way than I am, that is OK, it is between you and God. I would love to see every person in some way fast and pray for our church, 1st Hillsville UMC and Out of the Box Worship Center.

Pastor Ronnie

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