Book Review: Reggie

“You can’t change your past, but you can change your future by changing your present reality. The reality you have the potential to experience is not someone else’s either; it is designed to fit you perfectly as if a master Italian tailor has taken your exact measurements and produced a personal masterpiece that is just your size.”         Reggie Dabbs

I first read Reggie’s testimony in the November/December issue of Outreach Magazine just a few weeks ago. I said after reading that article that I had to check him out further, I never dreamed he was our Resurrection speaker for 2012. I was excited when I found out he is going to be with us in Tennessee in January in Holston Conference.

Reggie shares a lot about his life and struggles in “Reggie”. Born to a teenage mom who gave him up for adoption due to a lot of bad circumstances. Reggie has a story that helps him reach out to teens and very effectively I might add. Reggie is a great story teller and I gained a lot from reading his book that will encourage me for some time to come. Matter of fact, I used some of what I learned in my sermon this week and it worked really well.

“Pain is a weight that each of us must approach in our own way. Your weight bench will not look like mine, and mine will not look like yours. Yours may hold depression, anxiety, drug abuse, sexual addiction, insecurity, doubt, crippling fear. The weights are daunting, yet we each must walk into the pain room. The choice that we have, however, is whether our weight becomes the thing that crushes us or the very thing that builds our muscles into strong solidity. The decision belongs to each of us individually.”

This really is a great book. It helps me to better know Reggie for our event next month and I know that his life is going to impact our youth in Holston Conference. I can’t wait.






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