Leadership Magazine – Fall 2011

It is just my opinion, I’m entitled to it. I think this is one of the best resources for people in Christian leadership available. I just finished reading the Fall 2011 issue and it is power packed. Convicting, convincing, challenging, and motivating. And by the way, Growth Inducing!

Two of the best articles in this issue are on social media and the use of it in ministry for today and then one of the topic of “Sabbath.” The need to take a Sabbath was implanted into us by our creator and yet I don’t know of anyone who practices one. There may even be someone in my church that does so but again I am not aware of this. I plan to say more about this in another post because I am convicted that we are “all” who call ourselves Christian supposed to practice this discipline. As a matter of fact, it is a gift to us.

This magazine is worth the money you will spend to subscribe and it only comes 4 times a year so you have 3 months to read and chew on each one, you will need it, it’s that good.


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