Sophie has been in our family since my brothers death in May of 2010. She was one of Keith’s favorite things in the world I guess you would say. He took really good care of Sophie, even let her sleep in the house on cold nights and if you knew Keith, this was big. He just wasn’t a fan of dogs in the house.

Sophie is pretty old in dog years and has been really nervous since Keith’s death, although she has gotten use to being at our home and seems to have adjusted finally. I noticed recently she was losing a lot of weight,she was beginning to look like a rack of bones. We took her to the vet and she is being treated for a urinary tract infection and she is gaining some weight back. The dr says from the x-rays things are moved around in her stomach. It looks as if she could have cancer.

You may not pray for dogs and that’s ok, but if you do, would you say a prayer for Sophie.


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  1. December 21, 2011 Jim Scott, Pastor for the Cripple Creek Circuit

    God don’t create no junk, of course I pray for dogs and prayers are going out for Sophie.


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