Christmas Sermon December 25th, 2011 “Remember”

I decided when getting ready for the Christmas Day sermon this year, to do something Outside The Box. Usually when we go to church for the Christmas sermon we expect to hear the birth story, shared from the Gospel of Luke. I decided this year that we needed something totally different, but of course we still need the truth of Christ coming to make eternal life in Heaven available to us all. We took the time to look at who we worship.

The story comes from the Old Testament where God in essence said to His Prophet Elijah, “I’ve had enough”, go and tell Ahab and the people, choose who you will serve. If Baal is God, then serve him, but if the Lord is God, then serve Him. Now, there are no Baal worshipers that I am aware of today but there are a lot of other Gods of whom people serve.

This year I hope you remember. Remember that Jesus shed His blood for us and no other person, or thing in the world has ever died for us. I hope you benefit from the sermon.

Pastor Ronnie

Listen to the Sermon here 119784348

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