Day 4 of 40 Day Fast 2012

Day 4 was a strong day. I worked all day, actually into the evening with youth on Wednesday night. (Nothing earth shattering happened) However, by the time I got home I was tired and getting a little cranky and our two little boys were tired and getting cranky so we went to bed ASAP.

I was blessed today to find that several of our youth are reading the Bible through this year and for that I am very thankful. This is an answer to prayer.

I was amazed at the strength that I had today. My senses are stronger, my mind is clearer and above all God is at work. I want more than anything to draw closer to Him during this time. He is opening up scriptures and showing me things that I am to remember and teach to His people.

207.6 pounds

I walked a mile and prayed for my family and my church family. God is already at work there, I have asked for some very specific things in these prayers and I can;t wait to see God move in and take over.

I slept and rested good through the night.


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