Day 11 of 40 Day Fast 2012

Today was a good day but after 2 really long work days I was very tired and slow. I still managed without much problem to get my work done and to lead the youth meeting tonight. I must have been moving so slow all day that I gained 6 ounces. (lol)

Scripture is so much clearer now, its amazes me. Part of it is just the fact that my mind is not cluttered with so many other things. I have been reading a lot about health and the body and cultures through the ages have warned that when a person is given to eating too much or they are undisciplined in their eating then they are undisciplined in other important areas as well. Wow

If a person can tame the appetite for food they should be able to stand strong against any temptation. I believe this is a proving ground, not to God but to me. (Remember)

I am sleeping pretty good, much better with an electric blanket in the early mornings. I never sleep past 5 to 6am but lately I have slept a couple of times until 7. I am doing well.

More and more people are letting me know they are fasting and that is encouraging to know there are others who know how you feel and what your struggle is. I am thankful for all of the ones who heard the sermon on Sunday and have commented that God spoke to them through that. I really do believe that we as Christians have missed it, we have put the discipline of fasting to the side because it is too painful, too hard. We have made excuses that God never told us that we had to do it and He didn’t, but it is obvious in scripture that Jesus assumed that we would practice fasting.

Do you really want God more than you want food?

Stop making excuses.


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