Teens – Texting – Reading their Bibles

I just read a statistic this morning in “Group” Magazine that reads as follows.

“The average teen sends & receives 3,300 texts every month. For girls the # is above 4,000. Studies show it is having a dumbing down effect.” 

However, the article goes on to say that there are also a lot of good benefits to the teens and their texting, such as, they are making more friends, they are sharing more of their struggles, and they are relating better in person because of getting to know each other better through texting.

My guess is that they feel more freedom and comfort to talk about personal matters through texting than in person and once their secret is out in the light they can then talk about it in person. This is what I think and I have seen it in action with a lot of teens who tell me things first through texting.

Here is the point of this blog…

I don’t get anywhere near the 3,300 or the 4,000 text messages a month. I may get close to 1,000 (maybe just a little more, occasionally) on occasion and I probably send and receive between 20 and 50 each day.

Here is the exciting part – At the beginning of 2012 I challenged our Out of the Box Youth to read their Bible through this year and an amazing number of them have taken the challenge. I am getting text messages EVERY Day from teens who have questions about what they are reading. THIS IS AWESOME!

Keep the questions coming, we live in a new day where texting and social media are part of life. Let’s quit condemning their use in the church…



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  2. January 18, 2012 Beth White

    I use my phone in church all the time. I take notes, use my bible app – and on occasion text a friend or two when a point hits close to their situation. It’s a great tool.


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