Day 22 of 40, Fasting and Praying

22 days and still going. I have lost 30 pounds and everybody keeps asking if that is one of the reasons for the fast. No, but it is sure a great side benefit. The fact is if a person doesn’t change their eating habits after losing weight in a fast it will all come back rather quickly. It is my intention to change my eating habits to a great degree.

I preached three times yesterday and I had plenty of strength to do so for the first two services, I was pretty tired by the time I preached the third time. It seems to me that God is revealing the flow of scripture to me in new and exciting ways. I am reading and understanding things that I have never really grasped. Yesterday I preached from Nehemiah and that is the first time ever. I read the book of Daniel yesterday and though I still do not understand all of it, it made more sense than ever before.

God is revealing lots of things to me about true humility, discipline, and just living the Christian life. We are a spoiled bunch!

Too many Christians are fat and happy. I don’t mean physically fat, I mean satisfied and not concerned. The fact that there are fights in church about the color of the carpet and who is going to use the building and what they have to pay to be married in the church, on and on and on…is evidence that we have lost our way.

We have come into the promised land, we have eaten and been full, we have drunk and been satisfied, we have built fine houses (most way bigger and more than we could ever need or use) (many have been built with money robbed from God, read Malachi) and we have forgotten God.

We live in a time when many and maybe most church members give God an hour on Sunday morning and sometimes more but not enough that it is a sacrifice. Salvation is free but living for God is work, not to gain or keep salvation but to bring about the Kingdom as God has asked us to do.

Do you want to hear from God more than you want food? Follow the Biblical Discipline of fasting just for a couple of days and then make it a lifestyle and that will be a sacrifice.



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