A Week Of Eating After A 40 Day Fast

It has actually been 10 days since I started eating and I can’t even believe it. My eating habits have absolutely changed. I have been set free from a strong desire for sweets. I have said for years that my favorite food is cake and at the moment and for the past 50 days, that hasn’t been true.

During the 40 day fast I didn’t crave sweets but things that were good for me, such as vegetables, grilled foods, and fruits. Amazingly, I am still craving these foods rather than the cake and candy. One of my favorite parts of the day is breakfast and my favorite food is now oatmeal with honey, bananas, and a spoonful of peanut butter.

I have no desire for sodas and Sprite has been a favorite of mine for several years, since giving up dark sodas over 10 years ago. I am drinking mostly water, some propel zero water, and a good bit of V8 Fusion and I love it.

I feel the best physical that I have felt in many years. I have plenty or energy and I don’t get that mid-day sleepiness.

Isaiah 58 is TRUE! God has removed through fasting the chains that had me bound in the area of food addictions.



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