Book Review “Outspoken”


This is an outstanding book on Communication in the Church and about the church. There are many different voices from all spectrum’s who share their stories and insights in this book. This book is so good that I am going to read through it with some of the folks at our church who are responsible for things like updating facebook groups, newsletters, twitter accounts, etc.

“The church has the greatest story ever told: the message of the gospel. Unfortunately, most churches aren’t doing a great job of communicating it. The way the world communicates has changed dramatically in recent years. With the rise of the web and social media, many churches are in the dark about where to go or what to do next. Drawing on the wisdom and insight from over 60 leading experts in various fields of church communication, this book provides a comprehensive resource for church leaders sharing how the church can leverage new media to effectively connect people with the gospel. From branding and design, to websites and social media, there are endless ways your church can cut through the static and help the message of the gospel be heard clearly. We’ve got a message worth sharing. It’s time we learn how to communicate it and communicate it well. It’s time to be outspoken!”

The way people communicate today is totally different from the way we communicated 20 years ago and things are changing at such a rapid pace. It is time the church set the pace rather than being the last to embrace something new. It’s not just anything new, it’s not a new message, but it’s a new way to get the message that never changes (the Gospel) to the world.


**** of 5

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