My Marathon Goal has Changed for 2012

In December 2011 I came to the conclusion that I would just never be able to run a 26.2 Mile Marathon in under 4 hours, no matter how hard I have tried in the past 9 years and 8 Marathons I just couldn’t do it.

Here is the history.

1st Marathin @ Kiawah Island SC in 2002 Ronnie Collins     Cana VA 4:15:46

2nd Marathon VA. Creeper Trail 2003 Ronnie Collins         Cana VA    4:34:25

3rd Marathon Nashville TN 2003 Ronnie Collins Cana VA 4:40:16

4th Marathon Goody KY 2003 Ronnie Collins 5:01:33

5th Marathon Phoenix AZ Ronnie Collins 5:39:54

6th Marathon Myrtle Beach SC Ronnie Collins 

7th Marathon Myrtle Beach SC Ronnie Collins 5:03:51

8th Marathon Atlanta GA Ronnie Collins 2009 4:19:39

I ran 13.1 miles in a training run this morning and I ran it in 1:57. I am running more miles than I ever have, I just believe that I will break 4 hours if I don’t experience any major physical issues over the next few months. I am planning to run my next Marathon in October 2012, wish me luck.

My goal for the October 2012 Marathon is 3:55 which will be my best clock time ever with trimming 20 minutes off the time, almost 1 minute per mile.


Ronnie @ about Mile 11 in the Mistletoe 2009

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