RAMP Ministry Event for Girls – September 15, 2012

RAMP is a ministry centered on the foundations of Respect, Attitude, Modesty and Purity for the young women of Carroll County.

Organizer Misty Collins says

“I’m excited to have an open dialogue with the young women in our community. These girls need to know that people care. That their future is important to them and to us. That we’re here for them, not to judge them, but to be friends. We know what it’s like to be 17 or 18 and have the world in front of you. We’re here to help. Hopefully by sharing our stories and experiences, we can impact these girls to avoid the circumstances we found ourselves in.


The most important thing I want these girls to know is they matter to God and He loves them and that their worth comes from Him, not what others think about them.’

Each of the organizers are passionate about empowering young women to stand up for themselves and make good decisions. The event will include  real-life stories, a fashion show, door prizes, and much more for the young women of Carroll County.

RAMP will be Saturday, September 15th 2012,  for ladies 9th grade and up, beginning at 10am at FUMC Hillsville – 225 Fulcher Street.

For questions or to register your youth group email misty24317@yahoo.com

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