New Series @ Out Of The Box Worship Center – “Weird” because Normal isn’t working…

When you ask the average person today how they are doing, their answer is FINE.

Come to our “Weird” series and find out what FINE really means.

Are you tired of being broke, trying to keep up with the latest fads, having all of the things the advertisers say you ought to have? Are you tired of the world telling you what is Normal and what you should dress like, look like, etc, etc, etc…

What does it really mean to be blessed and to live a life of meaning and substance?

How do we beat the rat race, where we feel like a rat in a wheel, running circles?

Is life really about getting out of the same old bed, at the same old time, going to the same old job, talking to the same old people, eating the same old dinner, watching the same old television, and then going back to the same old bed, just to do it all again tomorrow?

Is there really more to life?

Come and see, I promise you there is.

Out Of The Box Worship Center

Main Street Hillsville Va

Sundays at 9am and 1030am

Casual Dress, Just wear clothes…

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