Pastor’s Christmas Gift to You


Bible Reading Plan

2013 5 x 5 New Testament Challenge


How to open this gift:  Sign up in the church office or at the Out Of The Box Worship Center,

or e-mail Pastor Ronnie at

  You will receive a printed Reading Plan and also be invited to join a Facebook Group where I will post comments and we can communicate together along with everyone else that is reading. Find the group on Facebook at:

(You do not have to use Facebook to join, just email me

and let me know you want to take the challenge.)

Remember, this is a GIFT.

Just like the free gift of salvation, you will need to

ACCEPT, RECEIVE and OPEN it if you want it.

The Gift is as follows:

We will read through the New Testament in One Year

Five Minutes a Day, Five Days a Week

On the Reflection Days in the Reading Plan, I will summarize and provide some commentary and devotional thoughts and post to both blogs

( &

I will receive questions and respond on the blog comments section each week

and also in the Facebook Group.

I will use this plan for Wednesday Night Bible Study at Out Of The Box Worship Center

and I will teach from our reading each week. I hope you will join us.

Merry Christmas,

Pastor Ronnie

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