January 2013 Sermon Series Coming To Out Of The Box Worship Center

The Good Life- Title (1)


Recently I read a really good book by Hip Hop Artist, Trip Lee and the title of it is “The Good Life.” It is a really good book, based on biblical values and on a biblical way to live “The Good Life.”

Everyone wants to live the good life. No one says “I would rather live the bad life.” Instead we spend our lives pursuing what we think is best. By the good life we usually mean a life that leads to the most fulfillment, happiness, and success.

Doesn’t everyone want to live this life?

The difference in what you might be thinking and what the Bible says about the good life, the bible says the good life is the same for all of us. The Good Life is Living by Faith in a Good God.

The robot image that we will be using for the series is the same as what is on Trip Lee’s book and it points to something meaningful. Robots are those who are still controlled by lies. The slash through the robot is to signify that you can be freed to live in light of the truth.

Here are the titles for out 4 week series coming up in January. I hope that you will join us and bring those with you who need to break free from what the world continues to tell us will make us fulfilled and happy but that which continues to fail. Services are each Sunday morning at 9am and again at 1030am, Downtown Hillsville. 

Out Of The Box Worship Center

Week 1: What is the good life?

Week 2: Keys to the good life.

Week 3: How do I live the good life?

Week 4: What kind of good will God give me?


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