A letter from Pastor Ronnie to Out Of The Box WC – August 25th, 2013

August 2013 River Baptism

What an AWESOME, Spirit Filled day!

I can truly say that every week at Out Of The Box Worship Center is Exciting and really Great, but the days when we have people to baptize are just really special and very memorable. Sunday was one of those days. We had 3 great morning worship services and then moved to Camp Dickenson on the New River for lunch and the baptism. We baptized 6 AWESOME people, it was better than I can describe. Jesus isn’t a Magician but Jesus is Magical.

Baptism is one of those things in life that you only do once but you remember it over and over, for the rest of Eternity really. I believe that our Baptism in some way will be celebrated in Heaven when we are living there. I can’t tell you how but I just believe it will be. No matter if you were baptized as an infant and you have no recollection of it or if you were baptized like me as an adult and didn’t really understand what it is all about, or if you knew exactly what you were doing, we are going to celebrate.

By the way, we had at least 3 other people who wanted to be baptized yesterday and for various reasons couldn’t be. Because of this I am going to plan at least one more outdoor baptism this summer. It may be in the river and it may be downtown in a great big fire tub. If you have been thinking about it, have questions about it, or just know that you are ready, let’s talk soon.

The worship was great as always, the new people who are coming each week amaze me, as do the ones who return every week. We have been coming real close to 300 in worship services with the addition of the 3rd service and no doubt we will soon be in need of more room.

Where do we go from here?

Do we find a larger meeting space? Do we build a building? Do we start another location and send missionaries from the current site?

The one thing that we cannot do is wait and allow people to die and go to hell without Christ because we don’t have room for them.

God is blessing us downtown for whatever reason, God has decided to use this group of imperfect people to tell this community about Christ.

How has God called you to help in this ministry?

In 2 years and 8 months we have gone from a start of 37 people to almost 300 in worship and probably close to 500 who call Out Of The Box their church home. God is working, there is no mistaking that. God has worked in my heart and Misty and I are totally committed to the work here. We are tithers, 10% of what we make comes back into the Lord’s work. Not only that, we are committed to giving our time. We spend hours and hours every week beyond Sunday morning. Misty is teaching some of the children and we both get as involved as we can with outreach into the local community.

A lot of you are committed and doing the same things that Misty and I are doing, thank you. from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

For those of you who come and consider this your home but you haven’t committed to tithe, you haven’t committed to give your time, and you haven’t committed to being involved in outreach, what are you waiting for? God is at work and the more tithes, giving, time, and outreach that we do, the more people who will come to know Jesus Christ. I can promise you this because as your pastor I am committed to doing all that we can with every dollar that you give.

What is God calling you to do?

Let’s talk soon.

Pastor Ronnie

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