“No level of government has more impact on our daily lives and the type of community we live in and will leave for our children. Residents should participate in the election process to ensure that they have a supervisor who shares their values, who will be effective on their behalf, and who actively solicits their input on major issues that affect their community.”
John Foust

Many things that affect our daily lives are voted on and decided by our Board of Supervisors.

Property tax rates, ordinances, the oversight of county officials, the appointment of women and men to various boards, and adoption of the annual budget, just to name a few.

I’m convinced that more people don’t take advantage of voting in these elections because they just don’t understand the magnitude of work these folks are responsible for or they don’t feel informed.

If I am elected as the supervisor of the Fancy Gap District, I will do everything in my power to keep you informed of things that are going to be of concern to you. We have great coverage by the local newspapers and the reporters attend the board meetings in order to keep you informed. However, we live in a connected world. I will use social media, blogs, and video to keep you informed.

I would appreciate your vote.

Ronnie G Collins