Dr. Steve Brown is my all time favorite preacher, teacher, and author, hands down. I have learned more about God from Steve than anyone I know and I know a lot of bible teachers and preachers. This may not be the best book on the subject of the Holy Spirit but in the book Steve says, “This is not a how to book,” rather this is a book that discusses what the Role of The Holy Spirit in the world and in our lives is.

Steve stresses there is woeful lack of knowledge of The Holy Spirit in the church and He is one of the most disputed topics among denominations. Many times people elevate experience above biblical knowledge and we fail when we ignore biblical teaching. Our experience is important but it has to be weighed against scripture.

In this book Steve explores the following premises, the Holy SPirit created the church, oversees her growth, and empowers her mission.

First The Holy Spirit is a person, not a principle, a feeling, or a work. The Holy SPirit throughout scripture is referred to as “He” not “it”.

“The Holy Spirit does what He pleases and He does it without our vote.”

Steve unravels scripture for us here that explains what the purpose of Holy Spirit is and what His role is not. There is so much debate in the church around Spiritual Gifts which point back to Holy Spirit as well as how he acts in history and in our day to day lives. This is a great place to start in understanding Our Lord The Holy Spirit better.