Samuel Turned 9 Months Old May 3rd

Wow, where does the time go? It seems like yesterday that Misty and I were married and on the honeymoon. Now we have a son 9 months old. I have wanted to write a book for some time now called, “Raising Children is spelled T.I.M.E”

When I think about the changes that have taken place in Samuel, he started smiling, then he said dada, then mama and I am pretty sure he has said Pupa a few times. The next thing we knew he was crawling and now he is walking behind a toy that rolls. It is just a matter of days until he will be walking without assistance and running all over the place. We will blink our eyes and he will be driving and then graduating. I know that is a little fast but it really seems that fast.

I wish there was more time but I am reminded that in Eternity we will have all the time of the world.

I had Samuel and Christopher on Thursday and we did all kinds of man things. Christopher would run through the house and Samuel was hot on his trail, he was crawling but he kept up pretty good. Then we went for a ride in Christopher’s red wagon, it is amazing, two weeks ago I had to put Samuel in the wagon in his car seat but now he can sit up and ride like the rest, wow.

Christopher loves to ride the Lawn Mower so we went for a ride on that but before we did; Christopher had to kick the tires, man stuff. After that we crushed some pop cans, man stuff.

After about 3 hours of all the man stuff everybody was ready for a nap, however Christopher and Samuel were the only ones that got to actually do that.

It was a great day, I just long to have that time with all my boys, Kevin, Dustin, Michael, Alex and Seth. And of course my girl Victoria.  Misty and I try every week to do things with the family and we usually get to be with everybody but it is never enough.

Parents, go hug your children. Children go hug your parents. T.I.M.E. here is short but in Heaven it will be Eternal, Never Ending, Always with Jesus Christ and the ones we love.


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