Born Without Eyes and Giving God Glory!

The Video spaeks for itself, Wow. Below are Patrick’s own words. I hope that you are as encouraged and movitated as I am.


‘God Made Me Blind — Big Deal’

“I mean, God made me blind and didn’t give me the ability to walk. I mean, big deal.” Patrick said, smiling. “He gave me the talent to play piano and trumpet and all that good stuff.”


This is Patrick’s philosophy in life, and he wants people to know it. He isn’t fazed by what many of us would consider insurmountable obstacles.


“I’m the kind of person that’s always going to fight till I win,” he said. “That’s my main objective. I’m gonna fight till I win.”


Patrick also attends the University of Louisville and plays trumpet in the marching band. The band director suggested it, and Patrick and his father, Patrick John Hughes, who have faced tougher challenges together, decided “Why not?”



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