Christians come in various Cultures

Christians come in many and varied cultural likes and dislikes. One group of people that I feel we have neglected personally is those in our community who like to skate. We have not done anything to intentionally reach out to this group. They are not a bad group, they are people just like the football players and the cheerleaders. It is just what they like and just like the football and cheerleaders have a form of dress that tends to follow their culture, skaters tend to have a style of dress that follows theirs. This can sometimes cause people to judge others. We have to learn that just because we don’t have a personal taste for someone Else’s style, that doesn’t make it wrong. I wish that everyone would think and act like me but not really.

Anyway, lets find a way to reach out. Who wants to help? What are your ideas? I would like to get something on the calandar for the Fall of this year, 2008.


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