We were blessed to see the baby on Monday

On Monday Misty and I along with Kyle, Samuel and mine and Misty’s moms were blessed to see little baby Collins through the technology of a sonogram. We were able to see right off that he is a boy. At one point it appeared that he was waving to us, his little hand was held above his head and making a very distinctive waving motion. Either way, we see it as God’s affirmation once again that He is in charge.

With Samuel we were further along in the pregnancy when his sonogram was done because he looked like his sonogram when he was born and this little one was more skeletal at this stage. The due date we are now being given is May 30, 2009 but I still say he will be born on May 25th. Stay tuned to see if I am right. By the way Stephanie, has God told you the date? Stephanie is our resident Prophet who first told us we were pregnant this time.

We are still unsettled on a name. Wayne will be his middle name after Misty’s dad. Samuel is named after my dad. It will either be Joseph, Judah, or Emanuel. I also like the name Israel but Misty is not keen on naming him that. We are reading the Bible through in 2009 and the Genesis readings may help to secure our decision.

Either way, we are blessed. The baby is healthy and Misty is doing great.


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