Congress on Evangelism Day 4

Terry Teykl

Friday Morning January 9, 2009

Terry is on this radio station asking people to pray with them at noon. From the Lord’s Prayer, 56 words in 20 seconds. “Pray Down At High Noon” You can follow this link and agree to pray with them as I am doing.

They are Praying for local police agencies, School systems, Churches, Economic Conditions, Local Leaders….

Then Terry said when God gives you a spiritual assignment the devil wants to cut it off. The devil doesn’t like you and you come under attack in many ways.

“Deliver us from the evil one” This is part of the Lord’s Prayer

This morning Terry made the following statement and asked this question. “Maybe some of you are under attack today. Maybe financially, maybe fears, whatever it may be. If you feel like you are under attack this morning would you stand and allow me to pray for you?

I stood up.

Let me divert for a moment. It was about ten years ago now that I attended the Brownsville Revival in Florida, I went kicking and screaming because I had heard so many bad and negative things about the revival. I had heard that people were barking like dogs and just all kinds of crazy stuff.

I went and while I was there God showed up. I didn’t speak in tongues; no one laid hands on me and prayed, I didn’t hear any barking.

It was during a worship time, I was standing in the congregation singing and praising God and all of a sudden I smelled anointing oil. It was overwhelming, like something being poured over my head. The tears started to flow, I couldn’t stop it, I didn’t even want to. I wasn’t sad; it was just a feeling of peace, absolute peace. Please note that no one around me was being anointed physically by anyone there. I was in the midst of two or three thousand people, way back in the back.

I came back home and for probably a year after that I would just be driving down the road and that smell of anointing oil would come and the tears would start to flow. After that year it became very rare and it has now been years since feeling that same presence.

This morning as Terry prayed over us as I stood, there it was.

It was the smell of anointing oil and I smell it now as I am typing this blog.

Oh how I long for His presence to stay so present with me. Oh how I pray that you can experience it as well. It has been a great week and a hard week. I have questioned the work that I have to do. Commissioning work, Seminary work, Pastoring, Husband, Father, and Provider.

I now believe it is the attack of the devil who would like to see me give it all up. I’m not giving up, I am pressing on in the presence of God.

Every time I have thrown in the towel, the Holy Spirit picks it up and throws it back to me.

Thank you God for your presence!


Terry Teykl

Dr. Terry Teykl

Renewal Ministries

Dr. Terry Teykl has been actively teaching and preaching on one topic – mobilizing the local church to pray and win the lost.  Having begun a church with only eight people who were committed to prayer, Aldersgate United Methodist church grew to a membership of over 1,000 in 5 years.  He firmly believes in prayer-evangelism as a lost practice, yet working principle for church growth.  His first book, Pray and Grow, along with its companion, Personal Prayer-Evangelism Guide, speaks about this theme and he has conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops on the topic.

Because Dr. Teykl pastored several small, rural churches before starting Aldersgate United Methodist Church, he writes and speaks practical and specific help for the local church in their efforts to win the lost.  He has a burden to produce quality prayer resources that teach people how to pray with purpose and understanding, and how to make prayer exciting.  Out of this burden have come many resources to guide people as they pray.

Dr. Teykl also sparked an explosion of prayer rooms with his book, Making Room to Pray, which outlines a plan for building a prayer room in a local church.  Hundreds of such rooms all over the country have become strategic prayer centers targeting cities for spiritual awakening.  Dr. Teykl encourages churches to make prayer a priority by setting aside a special place for prayer and recruiting, training and encouraging people to pray.  He published a corporate prayer plan entitled, Acts:29.  He believes that the 28 chapters of Acts are merely blueprints for what God wants to do in the church today.  His book, Blueprint for the House of Prayer, from the Teach Us to Pray Series, is a wonderful resource for groups or individuals to learn how to master an effective prayer life.

Having been a pastor for 27 years and having worked with pastors from all denominational backgrounds, Dr. Teykl is aware of both the joys and pressures of ministry.  He knows that pastors and their families need a prayer hedge around them for protection and blessing in order to fulfill their calling.  In his book, Preyed On or Prayed For, he asks, “Could the pastor be the least prayed for person in the local church today?  He teaches congregations how to protect their shepherds from Satan’s fiery darts.

Dr. Teykl has authored several books, including Pray the Price, Blueprint for the House of Prayer, Acts:29, Preyed on or Prayed For, Making Room to Pray, How to Pray After You’ve Kicked the Dog, and Outside the Camp.  Whether writing on personal prayer or corporate prayer, the central purpose is to teach people to pray with power and confidence so that they might win this generation to Christ.

Dr. Teykl holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Sam Houston State University where he graduated summa cum laud.  He earned his Master of Theology at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University.  He earned his Doctorate of Ministry with honors from Oral Roberts University.  He and his wife Kathleen live in Houston, Texas and they have, 2 grown sons , 2 grown daughters and several beautiful grandchildren.

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