Another beautiful day in Atlanta

It is raining this morning but it is another beautiful day  in Atlanta. Last night I looked out the window of Gary and Ona’s home where we are staying and I could see all these tall buildings all lit up and it was beautiful. Certainly not a sight I will ever see in Cana Virginia. There is something about Atlanta that I love and have for years now. I will never forget the first time I came to Atlanta, I was about 23. I was so frustrated trying to find my way around that I vowed never to return. Like many times making vows I have been back to Atlanta many times.

I know that part of what I love about this city is the fact that Gary and Ona are here and anytime we want to come then we have a place to stay with open arms and hot coffee. Gary and Ona are more than Christian Family they have become close Family to Misty and I. It is hard to explain but there is a closeness that God has placed in our lives and hearts that is rare it seems. Gary and Ona are 60 and 62, Misty and I are 34 and 43 and yet there is a close friendship. Part of the friendship is the fact that I see Gary as a Mentor. He is an intelligent and successful person whom I admire and like to learn from. Ona is the picture of a husbands best friend and I admire that in her so much. She is Gary’s greatest fan and his best friend. They can teach us so much about relationships.

Well, I don’t know what today will bring. It is a day of opportunities. It is a day to be with friends and family. It is a day to reflect on the blessing of the past 10 years of being near this family. I have made coffee and the rest of the house is quiet this morning. Misty and Samuel are still in Bed. Ona is resting and Gary and their grandson Justin are still sleeping. I haven’t even heard a siren fly through town and that is rare. I hope that we are going to take Skippy for a walk this morning and enjoy the Park. I believe that Samuel and Justin are headed back to the Jumping Bean this morning. I have to get mentally prepared for the 13.1 miles tomorrow morning. And in the midst of all this we will gather around Ona and love on her today. She is a special lady and I already feel the void in my heart that is coming.


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