All we want for Christmas is a Mule

Wow, what a day! We started out this morning with a trip to the Dr. with Kyle and he ended up with a prescription for an allergy medication. We went from there to Winston Salem to try and find a suit for me (I seldom wear one) and some shorts for Kyle. First stop was Burlington Coat Factory. We looked for about 45 minutes and when we went to the van we discovered the keys were locked in the van. I called the Kia dealership where we purchased the van and was informed that we have roadside assistance up to $75 per occurrence and that they would get someone right out. That was a great surprise, it took about 45 minutes more but they came and got us right in. We went for there to Chick-Fil-A and had a great lunch, those folks at University Parkway do such a great job. Then to Sam’s where I discovered that I didn’t have my membership card. It did turn out to be a great day overall.

Samuel and Kyle loved this Mule in Sam’s. I told Misty we sould get it for them but she didn’t concur.


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