God is @ Work in Hillsville: Don’t Miss this Sunday Night: SNL

This Sunday Night will feature SouledOut and Donna Godwin.

We recently found out that 1st Hillsville UMC is the 3rd Fastest Growing Church in Attendance in The Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church. There are many things that have happened to make this possible. #1 God is at work in and through the people of 1st Hillsville. #2 Many people have paid a high price to make changes and introduce new ministry avenues here in Hillsville. To name a few: The SNL (Sunday Night Live) service was added about 4 years ago and has grown from a handful to averaging better than 60 people each week and many times topping 100 people. The 8:30 worship service was added 2 years ago and after 2 years is averaging 40 to 60 people in attendance with more than 80 people on several occasions. Out Of The Box is the newest ministry that this church has stepped out in faith and committed to. Out Of The Box is a ministry to youth and many others but the focus is youth. It is a place where youth can come and feel no pressure to fit into something they are unfamiliar with. It is a place where they can hang out with friends, play pool, surf the net and it is a place where they also learn about Jesus Christ. Out of the Box has touched more unchurched people in the past 6 months than most churches will in years andthat is because it is an environment where people of all backgrounds can feel non-threatened. By the way when I say non- threatened I mean they do not feel that they have to dress or look a certain way to be welcome. The atmosphere is inviting to everybody. We have hosted 150 youth at one time, we have hosted a couples movie night, United Methodist Women, Ministry leaders, an Evangelism clinic, baby showers, wedding showers and birthday parties, Souperbowl Party and even SNL. Out Of  the Box is my kind of place because we also worship God there.

This week @ SNL our Band SouledOut will lead the service. This band is another of the ministry additions to the church in the past two years and they are outstanding. Check out their web site @ www.souledoutfumch.com

Donna Godwin will speak and Donna is gifted in Art and many other things. Donna’s heart comes out in her drawing. Check out her blog @ http://godw1nz.wordpress.com/

You will not want to miss this one!

Come as you are, no need to dress up!




Check Out SouledOut Website


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