Faith Sharing New Testament

Today I ordered 80 of these New Testaments from the Foundation for Evangelism. Before leaving for Atlanta I will teach each youth and adult to use these Bibles to lead others to “Follow Christ.”

It is my desire and I believe God’s desire that we give one of these New Testaments to everyone going on the trip and use all of the rest to give to those who desire to follow Christ. That means we should see about 60 people who will desire to Follow Him through our witness.

Lets start praying for the 60 lives now.

padFaith-Sharing New Testament and Psalms (English)

Now available in more than fifty languages around the world, the Faith-Sharing New Testament and Psalms is one of the key Faith-Sharing tools in the worldwide Methodist Movement. In addition to the complete text (NRSV) of the New Testament and Psalms, the book contains a fourteen-page section at the front which is deemed to be “the clearest statement possible of the basics of Christian conversion and discipleship within the Wesleyan/Methodist tradition.”

This book is intended to be used by those persons who desire to be grounded in the Christian faith and to gracefully share that faith with others. Therefore, at the back there is another special section entitled “The Essentials for Leading a Person to Christ” which is a basic outline of the Faith-Sharing course.

The special Faith-Sharing material is designed to aid persons both in understanding their own faith and in gracefully sharing it with others. In a series of concise statements with appropriate scripture references, this material answers these basic questions: What is a Christian?Who is Jesus Christ? Who is the Holy Spirit? What is the invitation to Christian discipleship? What is the mission of Jesus Christ? What is the kingdome of God? What is sin? What are the effects of sin? What is the good news (gospel/evangel)? What is grace? What is salvation? What is Christian conversion? What is repentance? What is Christian faith? What has Jesus done to make salvation possible? What is the new birth? How are we put right with God? How do we become God’s holy people? How can we know we are saved? What are the marks of persons who are right with God? What is the church of Jesus Christ? What is a local Methodist, United Methodist, or other congregation in the Wesleyan tradition? What are the distinctive features of the Methodist/Wesleyan movement? Who is welcome as a member of Methodist, United Methodist, or other congregations in the Wesleyan tradition?

“The Essentials for Leading a Person to Christ” section is essentially an outline of the basic course on teaching Faith-Sharing and is a constant reminder of the basics. It follows the same format as the material above with concise answers and scripture references to specific questions relating to the Methodist understanding of witness: What doe it mean to share Christian faith with others? Who is responsible for sharing faith with others? What are the primary concerns in effective witnessing? What are some essential principles that guide us in witnessing? What are some important points in giving a personal testimony? What is a graceful pattern of inviting a person to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? What are the key steps in this process of being saved by grace through faith? What are some helpful examples of prayers that may be used in the faith-sharing process? What additional counsel is given to the faith-sharer? What is an important prayer for the faith-sharer to pray continually? What is an encouraging word from the Holy Scriptures for faith-sharers?

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