Ooltewah United Methodist Church

ooltewah UMCMany of my readers will know the Pastor of Ooltewah UMC. This is where Ramon Torres, our former Pastor here @ Hillsville First UMC is now appointed to serve. It is ironic that I now have two great friends who serve in that community church together. Ramon is the one who dared me to come here to Hillsville more than 8 years ago and I am forever grateful to him for that dare. God has done some amazing things in my life in the past several years in and through the Hillsville church. Check out the site and stay in touch with Ramon, he is also on facebook now and you can contact him that way.

The Associate Pastor is Amy Nutt. Amy and I were in Local Pastor’s School together 4 years ago and we became good friends through that time. I have a lot of confidence in her abilities and also in her desire to see people come to know and follow Jesus Christ.  I am sure this church is going to grow, Spiritual and Numerically.


Ramon Torres
Ramon Torres
Amy Nutt
Amy Nutt

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  1. June 29, 2009 Ramon

    Thanks Ronnie!
    Amy is a wonderful pastor, and the rest of the staff at OUMC are top notch! I am thankful to David Graves, the previous pastor of 11 years. He did an outstanding job of bringing this congregation to a place where they are actively and earnestly seeking those without a relationship with Jesus.

    Keep up the good work in Hillsville!


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