Sharing Our Faith: Help us if you would like!

faith sharing new testamentThis Wednesday at Out Of The Box @ 6:45pm we will be taking this Faith Sharing New Testament and talking about ways that we can talk to others about the Bible and about the God we serve, Jesus Christ.

There are so many misnomers about what the Bible does and does not teach. I have been guilty of telling others about Jesus in such a way as to make it seem like a person is following Christ to assure their place in heaven. My mistake has now been corrected, a person should follow Christ in order to have a personal relationship with the God of The Universe. There is so much more to the Bible than most people ever hear or understand, God is in love with us and wants to be in daily communion with us.

There is a heaven to be excited about but the most important thing in the Universe is our daily communion with the God who loves us enough that He died for us.

Each Youth and adult going to Atlanta will be given these Faith Sharing New Testaments and we will talk to people that we encounter about Jesus Christ. i think of the homeless person and the promise of God that we need not worry about what we will eat tomorrow or what we will wear. God is in control and if we are following Him we are in good hands.

We are purchasing these New Testaments for $3.75 each which is a great price. We have 80 and would like to purchase more. If you would like to help, please let me know ASAP.


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