11 mile training run today

I started out with the intention of running a 20 mile training run today but the plan didn’t work out as sometimes happens. I just didn’t feel like it. I will attribute some of it to the trip down to the beach yesterday and riding just wears me out. Then instead of getting up and eating this morning and letting that settle I got up and ate and then tried to run. Anyway I did a training plan that I did in my 1st Marathon to see how it felt and it worked really well as long as I felt like running.

I did a 7 minute run and then a 2 minute walk and here is how the miles went.

Mile 1     9:06

Mile 2     8:35

Mile 3     8:52

Mile 4     9:08

Mile 5     9:42

Mile 6     9:25

After mile six I started to walk more because I just didn’t have it today. Part of the problem is also that my training buddy (Kenneth) isn’t here to encourage me to keep running.

The strategy seemed to work well and may be the key to a great Marathon time. However I would rather run the entire time if possible.


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