Book Review: Redefining Beautiful

redefining beautiful

I just read Redefining Beautiful, by Jenna Lucado. In the book, Jenna writes to teenage girls about a cultural and personal obsession with beauty. In the beginning of the book I have to admit that I was having a hard time following along. Then I remembered that I am forty-four years old and male. The book is written in the language of teens today. One observation that I will make is that I believe this book should be read not only by teens but also by pre-teen girls as well as young adult ladies.

Beauty is about something more than what is on the outside, more than the clothing that you wear and the make-up you apply. Jenna spends a lot of the book talking about how the father is so important to the life of his children while they are growing up. However the focus is on our Heavenly Father and the fact that even if your earthly father was not a good dad, God is ultimately there for us.

I highly recommend this book to any female, young or old but especially for those 12 to 30 years old. I had a little bit of a problem following the titles of the chapters but I am sure the younger generation will not.

I work with teens on a daily basis and I wish all the girls would read this one. This would be a great book for some of the adult leaders to go through with the girls in your church setting.


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