Running the Spiritual Path

I just started reading this one this afternoon. I already feel some connection to the book because what Roger Joslin calls “Meditation running”, meditation being inner changed with prayer, “Prayer Running”, I have been doing for quite some time. The big difference is that I have many times been on “Prayer Walks” and usually thought of my running as more of a meditative time. However Joslin uses a quote from Thomas Merton “the desire to pray is prayer”.

I will warn you after just reading the preface and first chapter that Joslin writes from a perspective that may be offensive or disagreeable to some. By that I mean, he brings other groups into the conversation, other than Christians. Joslin himself is a Priest in the Episcopal Church.

I am a very open-minded person, I have no problem reading about how other groups of people worship and who they worship, it does not demean my worship of the One True God at all. I just want folks to have a heads up in case this looks like a book that you may want to read. So far I am enjoying the book. I will share more as I read and a review when I complete the book.


Product Description

Imagine achieving physical fitness and spiritual growth simultaneously. Roger Joslin’s step-by-step program is an engaging exploration of the truth that spiritual well-being is as likely to happen while running, as it is within the more traditional settings of neighborhood churches, synagogues, or mosques. Through awareness, chants, and visualization, and through attention to the present moment–the weather, pain, or breathing—a simple run can become the basis for a profound spiritual practice.

From the Back Cover

“If you’re great at lacing up your running shoes, but you can’t fold yourself into lotus position, here’s the guide to finding a spiritual connection to your favorite physical activity.”
Times-Picayune, New Orleans

“While drawing from and exhibiting an abiding respect for the traditions of the world’s great religions, the author describes a heretofore unexplored method of sacred running, of bringing meditation and a prayerful communion to the running trail.”
The New Times

“In this refreshingly cogent and practical work, Joslin reveals the many ways in which a regular run can be turned into a lively and enriching encounter with the Divine.”
Spirituality & Health

“A splendid, new, outside-the-box contribution. . . . At the deepest level, what Joslin has offered us is far more that just an excellent handbook. It is a record of a soul in progress—progress toward integration and harmony.”
The Episcopal New Yorker

“Joslin recounts his profound experiences on reverent runs and offers readers suggestions on how to infuse spiritual growth into their jogs through running mantras, stretches as prayer posters, and more. Incorporate some of his suggestions on your next outing and you’ll say I’ve come this far by faith.”
Heart and Soul magazine

“Joslin inspires us to bring intention and purpose to any activity we do regularly, seeking communion with God whether we are cooking, cleaning the house, or commuting. In other words, you don’t have to be a runner to get guidance from this practical book.”
Spirituality and Health

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